Saturday, February 28, 2009

Buenos Dias, Bobby Jindal! Can you say “Obamania?”

Enough already with the panning of Bobby Jindal’s rebuttal speech!

Let’s face it, anyone speaking after Obama was destined to come off looking like a cross between Mr. Rodgers, a Muppet, and an over zealous tour guide for the National Park Service. Even if a Republican as beloved as say, Ronald Reagan , Alex P. Keaton, or the "Where's the Beef" Lady had given the rebuttal speech, it still would have been received by most remaining viewers like a fart in an elevator.

President Obama’s address would have trumped all other speeches because, as Hulk Hogan once so eloquently stated, Obamania is running wild, Brother! They are naming schools after the guy already, for Christ's Cuba! "Barack" and "Michelle" are finally going to knock "Jackson" and "Brooklyn" from atop the Baby Name list. How can anyone compete when Obama vows to not only rid our country of fancy drapes, but he is “seeking a cure for cancer in our lifetime?” Cancer. Cure freakin’ cancer!

All I can say is: OMG! Is there anything that President Obama can not do? At that point in the speech, you’d think that Jindal’s advisors would have said, “Okay, it’s a wrap. Let the affiliate stations rerun the Jeffersons,” and call it a night?

Instead, Bobby gave it his best shot. With his slow, southern drawl, he gamely channeled Tina, the Alamo tour guide in “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.” Just as Tina, slowly and deliberately said “Buenos Dias”, phonetically sounded out “tor-ti-lla” and reminded us that “tor-ti-llas” were a staple of the Alamo diet and made from corn, Bobby reminisced about his parents’ journey to America, Hurricane Katrina where he battled bureaucrats along side a local sheriff.

Unfortunately, like Pee Wee's journey to find the Alamo basement, Jindal’s humble tale ended up being a misguided attempt by the Republicans to stop the Obama Express. In my mind, aside from offering to adopt the Suleman octuplets , proclaiming that he is sponsoring legislation mandating that every taxpayer gets an iPhone, or giving that obnoxious Facebook kid a wedgie on national television, there is not much he could have done to steal Obama’s thunder

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